Scapular (2)



St. Simon was born around 1165 in the English county of Kent. According to tradition, he lived as a hermit in a hollow tree (hence the name "stick") until 1237 Carmelites came to England. He then joined the Carmelite Order in 1241 and was elected General of the Order in 1245 in Aylesford. In 1251, at Cambridge, he appeared to the Blessed Virgin Mary, who presented him with a scapular. This scapular became part of the religious habit. The Marian apparition deepened the pious imprint of the Order. From this also the Skapulierbruderschaft developed. On 16 May 1265 Simon died during a visitation trip in Bordeaux (Wikipedia).

In its original form Simon Stock was presented with a scapular, which had only one image, the Virgin Mary. Only in the course of time was added a second portrait.


Found on a flea market on the pl. Guillaume in Luxembourg on 16.9.2012.