Mouth opener (7)

Sperrer 5

The dealer (flea market "Hafen" in Innsbruck, 9/2018) spoke of a honey spoon, but was not sure. Even my "mouth opener" did not sound very convincing. A search on Internet confirmed my initial presumption: "OLUŞUM, Wooden Mouth Gag for Aanaestesia 140MM" - a Turkish mouth opener! However, the large screw of 1.8 cm amazes!

About the manufacturer
"Oluşum Surgical Instruments Industry and Trading Limited Company, Turkey, serves as a health sector since 2003. The convenience of Oluşum Surgical Instruments for DIN EN ISO 9001-2000 ve DIN EN ISO 13485-2003 standards has been approved by Quality Austria. Our products have been produced in accordance with CE directives.


Oluşum Surgical Instruments presents products in a large scope by applying the Total Quality Management System firmly in all stages of production from the product to the after sales service. Main production fields are surgical hand instruments for all branches, sterile container systems and hospital clogs. Oluşum Surgical Instruments, which is fully equipped with highly-technological devices ... "which is used in all sectors of the country since its foundation - works without compromising by customer satisfaction and satisfaction.

Samsun (Greek Sampsounda Σαμψούντα) is the largest city in the Black Sea region of Turkey and the capital of the homonymous province of Samsun.