Chloroethyl (2)



A much used procedure for pain relief in small procedures was the "icing". For this purpose, volatile substances such as ether, chloroform and chloroethyl were used. RICHARDSON published in 1866 an etching device which allowed the skin to be rapidly cooled to -15 to -20 ° C by an air jet. Shortly afterwards, the German dentist Jean-Baptiste ROTTENSTEIN introduced chloroethyl for local anesthetics.

The chloroethyl of Fa. THILO probably corresponded to the KELEN.

The ophthalmological preparations of the house THILO were bought after the 2nd WK by the pharmaceutical giant "Alcon Pharma" and are further commercialized under the designation "Thilo" and "Thilodigon eye drops".



Presented is a bottle with an oblique outlet of the spray nozzle of Dr. med. THILO & Co.Chemische Fabrik, Mainz; around 1930.