Chinese medicine

Mortar for für Lotus seeds

 Asiatischer Mörser



In the conservative oriented Chinese medicine with its thousands of vegetable and animal preparations, mortars still play a special role. "Metal pork mortars, such as those used by European pharmacy for many centuries, are unknown in China, while North China brass mortars are multifarious and can also have a decoration, such as grooves," writes the sinologist and director of the Institute f. History of Medicine at the University of Munich, Paul U. Innocence.


The roots of the plant. Leaves and fruits are processed into a tea that has an abortive effect and promotes the expulsion of the placenta (see the chapter on pharmacy).

The seeds contained in the fruit capsule, called "Egyptian beans" in the West, are processed into medicines, lotus seeds strengthen the spleen and kidneys, and stop diarrhea. They support the Ying (Essence) and stop bleeding, semen loss and vaginal discharge.

The oldest seed ever germinated comes from the Indian lotus flower (Nelumbo nucifera) and was 1300 years old. In the seed of the lotus plant is an enzyme that can delay the aging process. Furthermore, substances with a cardiac-strengthening effect can be obtained from the seeds.

Presented is a 18 kg heavy cast-iron mortar (diameter 13.5 cm) purchased in Beijing, with a particularly beautiful décor: a lotus flower and sliced ​​fruit capsule.