Leg splint (3), wooden

Hölzerne Fußschiene

Wooden leg splint


When a Tyrolean mountaineer had broken his foot - the Tyroleans say "to Hax åkrissn" - he had to be carried on the hump of a helper or in the basket to the valley. Even today, a foot or a leg must be immobilized if the transport does not degenerate into nightmare and the damage to tapes and vessels should be even greater than they are anyway.

From the fund of the practicing in Mayrhofen / Zillertal doctor Armin ZUMTOBEL comes here presented wooden rail, which was light enough (190 g) to be taken on or in the backpack to the scene of an accident - a real Tyrolean product: economical, in the village, Timber workshop at any time to recreate from local wood.