Oesophagus, probe 2

Probe from the "Metzer Kiste"



Long flexible metal probe, with a screw-on ivory olive on top, with holes in the esophagus (tumor lining, obstruction due to scarring) boughened.

Armand TROUSSEAU (1801-1861) studied in Tours, where he was a pupil of BRETONNEAU. "Agrégé de la Faculté de Médecine de Paris" in 1827, "Médecin des Hôpitaux" in 1830, he was first assistant to RECAMIER (see Speculum) before he got in 1852 the chair of "Clinique Médicale" at the Hôtel-Dieu.
 In 1834 he was able to prove that placebo tablets (cornstarch) had the same therapeutic effect as homeopathic remedies ...
- In 1837 he performed the first tracheostomy.
- In 1843 he performed a first thoracozentesis,
- In 1864 he coined the term "aphasia".

Two hospitals are named after him:
- CHU TROUSSEAU in his hometown Tours (municipality of Saint Avertin, Indre-et-Loire),

- Hôpital TROUSSEAU in Paris XIIe arrondissement; 26, avenue du Docteur Arnold-Netter.