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Chinese Medicine

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China zusammen


Among the few possible exhibits of Chinese medicine are the vessels in which the pharmacists deliver their medicines. However, most medicines have not been dispensed in such elaborate and precious containers, but, as is still the case today, in paper bags.

We present
- A 19th century vessel with a lettering in the middle of a floral pattern. Width 1.8 cm x height 3.5 cm x thickness 1.2 cm
- a dispensing vessel from the late 19th resp. early 20th century (epoch Qing), in the classical amphora form. On the front and back of the pharmacy name, place and content are painted. Porcelain, underglaze blue on white background. Width 3 cm x height 5.5 cm x thickness 1.8 cm.

Origin: Anhui province / China, in the northwest of the city Bozhou (Haozhou), birthplace of the doctor Hua-tuo (145-208), father of Chinese surgery (this art was subsequently neglected!) And inventor of the "mafeisan "said anesthetic powder whose composition was lost (hashish, opium?); Nowadays, the city of millions is known as the center of trade in raw materials for traditional Chinese medicine - a public market, in addition to thousands of herbs, offers whole sacks of dried human placentas, fly lizards, seahorses, snakes and spiders. Now: Cléry St André, France.