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To the form
Formally, older books are striking because of the unfamiliar nature of the binding. As a "Japanese bond" is called a typical Hindu way to staple books. The paper is only printed on one side, forms a long band, which is then folded and sewn. This special binding method spread from China to East Asia.

To the age
"Chinese acupuncture, medical books 270 years old", "Chinese acupuncture medical books more than 100 years old" ... a few years more or less does not matter in China! These are probably books from the early 20th century ... 12 books for 30 euros, because each "book" can have no real value, therefore can not be older than a few years. Even China would not squander its folk goods.

To content
All books deal with acupuncture. Since I do not understand iota from the text, I have to look at the pictures that show acupuncture needles and acupuncture points on the body and hands.