Baby feeders

Bubby pot



„The pewter bubby-pot was Invented in 1770 by Hugh Smith, a physician at the Middlesex Hospital in London; the bubby-pot was similar to a small coffeepot with the exception of the neck arising from the bottom of the pot (Wickes, 1953c, 1953d). The end of the spout formed a knob in the shape of a small heart, with three to four small holes punched into it.



Baby feeders

Pap cup



In the London Foundling Hospital founded in 1741, small children were given their pap in this kind op pewter cup.



Baby feeders

Pod Bronnek



This is a typical local feeder used in de french Bretagne - in the surroundings of the city of Quimper. 

(H/H / HB Henriot Bretagne)„pod bronnek“, probably late 19, century.




Baby feeders              

Säuglingsflasche aus China

China zinnbronze
Baby flasche mit Kupferintarsien 

This is an extremely rare piece of pewter with copper bands. 7” tall x 3” across with an unscrewable nipple top.