Forceps (6) n. AVELING


Aus der "Metzer Trousse", erworben am 2.4.2005, stammt diese gekrümmte Beckenausgangszange nach AVELING.
James Hobson AVELING (1825-1892) war 1884 Mitbegründer der British Gynaecological Society. Seiner Meinung nach ist die Etymologie des englischen Wortes "midwife" im Begriff "with-woman" zu suchen, der Frau die MIT der gebährenden Frau ist

1873 gab er ein Transfusionsgerät an:
"It consists of an indiarubber tube to form an anastomosis between the emittent and recipient veins and a little bulb in the middle to act as an auxilliary heart. With the exception of two silver tubes to enter the veins and the two stop-cocks, this is the whole of the apparatus, and I carried it about in my pocket to every confinement I attended for eight years until at length the opportunity for using it arrived."

Er schrieb:

  • The Chamberlens and the midwifery forceps, memorials of the family, and an essay on the invention of the instrument, 1882 (Reprint New York AMS Press, 1977, 231 S. ill.
  • English Midwifes, their history and prospects, London, Dilly, 1872.
  • Posture in Gynecic and Obstetric Practice. Philadelphia, Lindsay and Blakiston, 1879.