Stethoskope (3)

"Series 10" von ALLEN 

Eine Weiterentwicklung des von der Fa. Miltex in den USA hergestellten DeLEE-HILLIS-Stethoskops (Neuanschaffungspreis 145 US-Dollars) ist das preiswertere „SERIES 10 by ALLEN“, mit stirngestütztem Rohr (Neuanschaffungspreis 90 US-Dollars).

"The use of fetoscopes is a time honored method for evaluating fetal heart tones during pregnancy, labor and birth. Fetoscopes are non-invasive and provide all the information needed for the care of low-risk women. With a skilled ear, variations in babies' heart rates can be ascertained, even through contractions. Fetoscopes come in many varieties, giving the birth attendant choice in style, price and acoustics. Pinard Horns are beautifully crafted, and lend personality and intimacy to the process of listening to baby in utero. The Allen Series 10 is a professional style fetoscope with clear acoustics, making labor monitoring easier. (The unique Leff fetoscope has the best acoustics of all, but very heavy and must be warmed for the mother's comfort). When used with knowledge and understanding of fetal heart tones, any of the fetoscope styles are more than adequate for monitoring the baby in utero. The Series 10 Fetal Stethoscope is an outstanding, sensitive stethoscope with great acoustics that sets the standard for professional use fetoscopes. It features adjustable, 6", Y-shaped binaural tubes. This lightweight, compact fetoscope is made in the USA with high-quality materials and is backed by a five year warranty. Latex-free.
It is a unique, lightweight, compact unit with adjustable binaural tubes and no cumbersome head strap. Available with tube length of 12" overall only. All instruments carry a five year warranty and are completely U.S. made. All instruments are assembled in the Newport Beach, Ca. facility. Just talked to the company and it turns out it is a family business, talked to the wife of the inventor and owner of the business. That is neat."