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Johannes SCULTETUS aka Schultes resp. Schultheiss (born 12.10.1595 in Ulm, died 1.12.1645 in Stuttgart). The father, a poor skipper, died when the boy was 5 years old. In an inn, the orphan's surgical talent was discovered by Adriaan van der SPIEGHEL (1578-1625), who immediately took him to Padua.

In Padua SCULTETUS was a pupil of SPIEGHEL and Fabricio d'AQUAPENDENTE. Prosector from 1616-1623, doctorate 1623. Practice in Padua and Venice, 1625 return to Ulm, where from 1623 he was in negotiations with the city council to get the position of a "city surgeon" awarded. From 1625-45 Stadtphysikus there. He died of a stroke that surprised him near Stuttgart - on the way to a (noble) patient ...

He left a single manuscript (in Latin) that was edited 15 times in Latin, and translated several times into living languages ​​(English, Dutch, German and French) - in total more than 18 editions:
1653 Latin (folio) First edition of his "Armamentarium chirurgicum"; posthumously with Balthasar Kühnen in Ulm (only 65 pages, 43 plates) published at the instigation of his nephew.
1655 Latin edition in Leiden.
1656 Latin (octavo) edition; with Adrian Vlacq in The Hague (44 plates). Since this issue a title page with surgical scene.
1662 Latin edition; with Adrian Vlacq in The Hague (328 pages).
1666 German first edition, translated by Amadeus MEGERLIN, city doctor in Haydenheim; at (Daniel) Johann Gerlin's widow in Frankfurt a.M. (263 pages, 56 plates).
1671 Latin edition; with John v. Someren in Amsterdam.
1679 German edition "Wund-Arzneyliches Zeughaus".
1692/93 with 288 pages and 86 plates lat. at Boutestyn in Leiden.
1741 Dutch edition; at J.C. de Sprögel in Amsterdam.
1741 Dutch edition "Het vermeerderde wapenhuis of the heel-meesters" (in 't Neerduitsch vert. Door Gerardus DICTEN) in Amsterdam with Jansoons van Waesberge.

The French editions all appeared in Lyon:
1672 Antoine Galien (48 plates, two of them with monster child)
1674 with Antoine Cellier (385 pages, 48 ​​plates, two of them with monster child)
1712 at Léonard de la Roche (49 tablets - copy of the lux doctor COLLART in the Luxembourg National Library.).