Stork, china

Storch 1



Where did the tirolean chidren come from?


The Innsbruck' babys were brought from his forests and mountains by a Tux man  (Fr. Haider, Tiroler Brau im Jahreslauf, Tyrolia-Verlag 1968 S.212-213).



Exhibition piece

China figure, 11 cm high, representing a stork, carriing a baby in its beak. The colours remind those used by the society Wagner & Apel in Lippeldorf / Thuringia.


Proveniance: flea market "Hafen" in Innsbruck, 10/2018


You find more details on the german file "Geburtshilfe/ Storch, Porzellan", or the french file "obstétrique/ cigogne, porcelaine".