Needle by STRAUSS



Much more handy for the doctor and better to fix were the wing tips of the Fa. Acufirm. They were stamped from V2A steel, an invention of the Essen Krupp works from 1912 (V = test, A = austerite), in which chromium and nickel are added to the crude steel to make it acid-resistant and rust-free.


Hermann STRAUSS was born on April 28, 1868 in Heilbronn. He became an internist, finally chief physician of the Jewish Hospital in Berlin, where he lived in the district of B. Charlottenburg. In 1942 he was deported (as a Jew) to Theresienstadt, where he died on 17 October 1944 of a heart attack.
A Berlin hospital bears his name "Hermann Strauss Nursing Hospital", Iranische Straße 2-4, 13347 Berlin
In animal experiments on the renal enzyme renin, discovered in 1898, Adolph BINGEL (1879-1953) and Hermann STRAUSS emphasized the importance of this protein in co-occurring hypertension and kidney disease.

In Berlin, Strauss introduced the needle named after him in 1902 for bloodletting, but especially for the intravenous administration of medications which he advocated. The round, ribbed handle (rounded-plate-shaped handle plate) allowed a good guidance of the needle during the puncture and a perfect fixation of the needle by means of dermal patches. A concave recess adapts to the curve of the arm.

Similar needles were specified in France in the thirties by the dermatologist Clément SIMON (1878-1952), who practiced at the Paris hospitals Saint-Louis, Saint-Lazare and Saint-Michel. He was editor-in-chief of the "Annales de dermatologie et de syphiligraphie" from 1928-1943 and president of the "Société Française de dermatologie" in 1945. These needles were used exclusively for blood collection ...


In 1962 the company BRAUN Melsungen will hit the market with its Braunüle - the first all-plastic needle for continuous drip infusions - an invention of the young boss Bernd BRAUN junior (1905-1993) ...




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Von dieser Stelle aus ein Dankeschön an Herrn Harro Jenss aus Worpswede, dem ich ein Exemplar der Monographie von Strauss verdanke, sowie Anregungen zum Weitermachen ...