Chloroethyl (4)



HIPPOCRATES mentioned in his books that he used ice and snow before he started his operations. Dominique Jean LARREY (1766-1842) was able to perform amputations on half-frozen soldiers in sub-zero temperatures - cold as an anesthetic has a long tradition. The cold anesthetic spray "Chloraethyl Dr. HENNING" in its 100 ml spray bottle with lever lock is exported worldwide. The spray bottle produces a targeted jet for selective treatment of small areas of the skin, for example for icing of warts, sports injuries (strains, bruises, sprains), swelling and muscle cramps.

Dr. Georg Friedrich HENNING
Chemical Factory, Inh. E. Wedel
6909 Walldorf / Baden.

The company based in Walldorf near Heidelberg has been producing for over 100 years. The address has since changed: postal code 69190.


Is this Henning identical to the following pharmacologist?
Hexogen was first manufactured in 1898 by the Berlin chemist and pharmaceutical entrepreneur Georg Friedrich Henning as an explosive for technical use and as a starting material for pharmaceutical preparations and described in the German Reich Patent under the number 104280 of 15 July 1898. H. Brunswig also recognized in Germany in 1916 the highly explosive properties and had them protected in two process patents. In 1920, they explored the substance in the Military Experimental Office in Berlin and called it now Hexogen.

Since 01.01.2004 CHLORAETHYL "DR. HENNING" is no longer subject to a pharmacy, but continues to be distributed exclusively by the manufacturer apothecary-exclusive.

Presented is a spray bottle with apicalem outlet of the spray nozzle.