Chloroform, drips


um 1950 



Chloroform was dripped onto the mask by means of handy drip-bottles - well evenly, about every 2 seconds a drop was dropped.

Two of these dripdrops, as they call the Americans, are presented here. To the left of it a large round chloroform transport bottle.

An early witness
"Not a year ago, says the" Berl. Z.-H. " that the sulphate ether fills the world with the cry of its pain-relieving power, when a new dangerous rival arises again, which threatens to chase it away from the easily conquered terrain. Today we were the witnesses of one with the help of chloroform in the local (Berlin) Charité von Hrn. Go. N. Jüngken's amputation of the lower leg, and had the pleasure of feeling numb to the patient during the whole lengthy operation, and to see them completely awake at the time of awakening. The fame of the first application of the new product, which incidentally was invented by Leibig and represented by the distillation of sulfuric ether with chlorinated lime, belongs to Professor Simpson in Edinburgh, who has been brimming with success for many months in various operations and also in the birth-aid second hand. The advantages afforded by chloroform over the ether are its more rapid action, which is less than two minutes in duration, quite pleasant, with a much more agreeable odor, much less quantity needed for anesthesia, and a lack of anesthetics Aftermath on the brain, respiratory and digestive organs "(Diekircher Wochenblatt, 11.12.1847).