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For manual ventilation of patients with respiratory arrest or insufficient breathing. comes since the 50s, a "resuscitator" used.


"The best-known manufacturer of the bags is the Danish company Ambu A / S, founded in 1937 by the German engineer Holger Hesse, with whom the Danish anesthesiologist Henning RUBEN (hence the name" Rubenbeutel ") developed the first respiratory bag in 1956, the" self- inflating resuscitator. "In 1951, after spending time abroad in Sweden and England, he spent half a year working with James Elam in Iowa, USA, where he became interested in ventilation and inventing inventions The strike of these truck drivers, who cut off hospitals from the supply of necessary material, was the trigger for the first self-expanding breathing bag for RUBEN in 1954. The device, initially assembled with the help of bicycle spokes, became the prototype of what the American Medical Association 196 4 described as one of the most important advances in anesthesia in the last 25 years "(Wikipedia).


The inventor
Henning Moritz RUBEN was born on 20.7.1914 in Copenhagen, the son of an Orthodox Jew. Originally trained as a dentist (graduated in 1933), he was astonished with a number of strange skills: tango dance, fencing and magic. From 1943 he studied medicine in Copenhagen, where he graduated in 1946. He was interested in anesthesia ... In the 1951 years he worked together with James Elam in Iowa, USA, after spending several stays abroad in Sweden and England for half a year. There began his interest in ventilation and his inventiveness of inventions. From 1955-1984 he was finally Professor of Anesthesia at the University of Copenhagen. He died on 4.12.2004.


Two bags that my wife brought along from the children's hospital in 1980.
1) Resuscitation bag Mark III 3 (black) with mask 5 with filter adapter
2) Silicone Pouch Professional (blue). The integrated hand strap allows the bag to grip even better.